There’s more to Peru than just Machu Picchu

One of the most renowned and distinguished countries in South America, Peru is as elaborate as it’s most meticulous and exquisite weavings. Culture and festivals attribute ancient rites, the modern groundbreakers’ fuels metamorphosis and nature flood with spectacular diversity. From arid dry to equatorial lush, the climate here is another sweet surprise; Peru packs loads of diversity between its Pacific beaches and the highest mountain, Nevado Huascaran.

Travellers most often visit Peru for the popular Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu while diminishing everything else. This 15th-century Inca city high in the mountains is definitely very fascinating, but there’s much more here than just it’s ancient artefacts.

Dune Buggy in Ica

How about riding a Dune Buggy in the Desert?

Towards the west of the city of Ica, you’d see sand dunes and a lagoon lined with palm trees just out of nowhere. These dune buggy rides have become a very popular attraction and almost all hotels in Ica offer them. Or how about Dune Buggy along with dune surfing? You could even watch the sunset from the top of the mounds.

Rainbow Mountain

You must’ve seen the rainbow at some point, but The Rainbow Mountain? This massive structure with striped rocks, from red, pink to lavender and turquoise will sweep you off your feet. Also known as Vinicunca, getting here involves a high altitude hike, but the view keeps getting picturesque as you climb.


An amalgamation of the cultural diversity and the impeccable gastronomy, exhibitions that help you understand the history of Peru even better, Lima cannot be ignored. The Peruvian capital boasts of being the country’s culinary epicentre, also known as the ‘foodie capital of South America’.

Film and theatre, good music, shopping and art galleries, nights out and museums all that looks out onto the sea. Handicrafts, alpaca, jewellery, silverware, painting, photography, go shopping here, check out the shopping centres, art galleries, workshops and craft shops and ateliers and buy the best Peruvian products from every region.

Amazon Rain Forest

The Peruvian Amazon is indeed the best-kept secret in South America housing the planet’s last great virgin forests. Hostel services and the warmth of the aborigines will make your stay here worthwhile and what’s more fascinating is the city of the Peruvian jungle: Iquitos, the pearl of the Amazon.

Board a cruise ship on the longest river in the world while you munch on exotic local cuisine also realizing that you are encompassed by the greatest diversity of endemic flora and fauna in the world.

Lake Titicaca

From spending nights on the floating island to attending the Festival of the sun, from dipping in the thermal pools to attending the Mistura Festival, there is still so much more. Come,  explore the jungles, see the Amazon, head to Lake Titicaca and the beaches, embrace the local culture, Peru is surreally astounding. Stay awhile here, you’ll know.

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