Magic of the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos, Pandora on Earth

Often compared to The Moon or Mars, a trip to The Galapagos Islands will be the journey of your lifetime. This surreal archipelago is located 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian mainland and consists of 13 major islands, 5 of which are inhabited. The Island’s interesting volcanic geology, its rich flora & fauna, a multitude of animals and the human history have been admired and studied by many travellers, scientists, and nature-lovers. Blessed with pleasant weather all year round, there is no “best” time to visit The Galapagos, but factors such as high season or the low season could definitely affect your travel plans.

All of the above factors (well, apart from the season) probably inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection following his visit in 1835.

Isla Santa Cruz

As you’d ferry off to the mainland of Santa Cruz, the generous treat from the landscape and the vivid colours from the clear blue waters wouldn’t let go of your eyes. You can only imagine the black lava rocks bedding the multicoloured crabs basking in the sun and schools of fish flittering through the current in uniformity.

The “Galapago” or Giant Tortoise

The lush and green, endless and untouched vegetation that seems to stretch till the horizon is another overawing sight at Santa Cruz. And of course the “galápago”, the giant tortoises, whose sheer size and magnitude are unbelievable with some weighing up to 600 pounds and four feet in length. They live for 100 years on an average; truly a surreal feast for the eyes.

Puerto Ayora

If you’d like to go for a spin then Puerto Ayora, the largest town in the Galápagos Islands would be magnificent, it also houses architectural masterpieces and eco-friendly accommodation spaces. For example the Pikaia Lodge, it lambasts the best views in Santa Cruz, provides private yachts for excursions, exhibits contemporary but environmental designs and offers sumptuous food.

Sailing in Isla Ferdinand

Galápagos also house Cruises enabling mobility of travellers to explore farther islands like Fernandina or Isabela, you would sail overnight and up you are in the morning in a new destination. The word ‘boring’ becomes extinct here; the islands always offer you a platter of sights and activities, like snorkelling, walking/hiking, kayaking and panga (zodiac boat) rides over the course of the day and everything here is so encapsulating, especially the vegetation and the wildlife.

Wildlife in Isla Isabella

The wildlife here live in harmony amongst themselves and their human compatriots, yes, they are fearless and sociable. Isabela is home to sea lions, marine iguanas, both of them living alongside crabs, cormorants, Galápagos penguins and blue-footed boobies. They all seem to have formed a symbiotic society. Other islands like Floreana, flaunt crystal clear waters housing sharks, sea turtles and rays swimming in the bay from atop the Baroness’s lookout, you could also go snorkelling with playful groups of sea lions at Post Office Bay.

Galapagos Marine Life

The Galápagos definitely is a fantasyland; you would feel you’re on Pandora, not earth.

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